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Pan Lid

Maintain your hardscape's aesthetic while providing instant access to your strainer basket

Cleaning Paddle

The cleaning paddle is the simplest way to remove items from the drain. You just insert the paddle, twist 90 degrees and move it along the drain to clear the debris.

Catch Basin

Our load-bearing easy-to-access catch basin makes retrieving lost items simple and easy.

4000 Series

The 4000 Series Slot Drain® body can be made of T304 or T316 stainless steel. With one flat side, the 4000 Series Slot Drain® is perfect for being installed against walls or in areas where space is a concern.

3000 Series

3000 Series Slot Drain® is available in T304 or T316 stainless steel exposed top section and a PVC plastic body. Its steel lip remains visible when installed, which allows you to maintain a sleek linear and aesthetic design, while enjoying the benefits of a plastic body.

6000 Series

6000 Series Slot Drain® is a cost effective surface drainage system that is available in stainless steel. It is applied often in pedestrian or light traffic areas, such as swimming pools or outdoor areas that do not have a high volume of liquid to distribute.

7000 Series

The 7000 Series Slot Drain® is available in stainless steel. Its sleek, linear design perfectly matches landscaping pavement. It can be applied in areas like patios, gardens, sidewalks and plazas.