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Decorative Outdoor Drain Grates and 3 Designs

Landscape design is an art form in many ways, it combines colorful flowers, vibrant green trees and shrubs, and decorative touches and furniture. It’s important to take the time to plan your landscape design, including the plants, colors, accents, and other important features. One important feature is a drainage system that will prevent your hard work from getting destroyed by rainwater or melting snow.

Trench drains, also called channel drains, offer some of the most efficient drainage, but their grates are typically unattractive. Landscape Drains changed that by creating three beautiful decorative trench drain grates that you can use in place of the traditional style.

Outdoor Drain Grates

What is An Outdoor Drain Cover?

Trench drains are wide channels that help to manage water runoff. The drain cover is the part of the system that sits on top of the drain. These covers have small openings that allow water to pass through while preventing debris from entering the drain channel. They come in various materials, but metals like galvanized steel, cast iron, and stainless steel are the most common for outdoor grate covers.

They can come in a wide range of sizes to cover different drains. The designs of these grate covers are relatively plain, which can make people turn away from them because they don’t want to ruin their landscape aesthetics.

Why Are They Important?

Outdoor drain covers are a necessary part of a trench drain. They protect the drain channel by preventing large objects and debris from entering the system, which can cause it to become clogged and affect how well it manages water. If the system were to become clogged, it could overflow, and the backwater could ruin your landscaping, create foul odors, and lead to mold growth.

They are also vital to ensuring the drain is safe, since they provide a stable surface for people and vehicles to pass over without tripping or falling into the channel and getting injured.

Three Options for Decorative Grate Covers

The days of having no options for your trench drain covers are gone. Landscape Drains offers three beautiful decorative drain grates for you to consider. These covers allow you more customization of your drainage system, so you can find a cover that matches your aesthetic more than the standard options.

Our decorative outdoor drain grates are made using the same high-quality stainless steel featured in the trench drain's channel to ensure durability and strength.

1. Perf Lid

decorative drainages perf lid

One of the options for decorative channel drain grates is the perforated grate. This cover features rows of small perforations all along the surface. It is a more discreet design that can blend seamlessly into any landscape aesthetic. The perforated drain grates work great with landscape designs that feature large stones or round pavers, as they will help tie everything together.

2. Slot Lid

slot decorative drain

Slotted drain covers are a simpler, yet no less attractive style of decorative channel drain grates from Landscape Drains. This design features slim vertical openings that are spaced across the cover's length. It is a great option for modern landscape design, since it offers a clean look. The straight lines of the design can easily follow a walkway or the lines of a patio, making it seem like a natural part of the design.

3. Wave

wave decorative drain

The decorative drain grates with the wave design are a more whimsical option. The curves of the wave create a softer design. It is the perfect option for landscape designs with curves and arches and helps continue the design, allowing the grate to blend in with the surrounding features of the landscaping.

How to Choose Your Cover

decorative outdoor drain grates

Landscape Drains has created three great decorative trench drain grates for homeowners. While these simple designs differ, they can help create a more cohesive landscape design. Deciding which decorative outdoor drain grates to use depends primarily on your landscape design.

One aspect to consider is the different features, like whether there are a lot of straight lines or curves, for example. It is also a matter of your preferred style, as one may stand out from the rest. If the choice is too difficult to make on your own, get advice from a family member, friend, or professional in the field who can help you make a perfect choice.

Decorative Channel Drain Grates to Fit Your Style

Designing your dream landscape can take time–and a lot of planning. You don't want to overlook a single aspect of your design, including your drainage system. Gone are the days of ugly, unattractive landscape drainage options. The trench drain from landscape drains provides efficient drainage in a sleek, linear form. As a bonus, you can customize the system with one of their three beautiful decorative drain grates to ensure it does not clash with your overall landscape design.

No matter your choice, you'll be happy to have a cohesive design, from the decorative outdoor drain grates to the furniture you choose. For more information about decorative grates and upgrading your outdoor drainage system, contact the experts at Landscape Drains today.